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This Month's Free Special Report is About The Best Markets to Trade and How To Make Money Trading the Top Markets via Gann Trading Methods & Secrets to Get the Best Possible Profits Combined with Reduced Risk

Traders often consider forex currency markets the 'best' market to trade because of its great liquidity by being the largest financial market in the world and also enjoys the benefit of having long trading hours for easy trade entry and exit

However, forex trading also involves significant high risk so traders should consider trading other markets. The top-10 futures-markets were recently these; E-Mini S&P-500 (GLBX), 10-Year T-Notes (CBOT), Crude Oil (NYMEX), T-Bonds (CBOT). Ultra T-Bonds (CBOT), 5 Year T-Notes (CBOT), Euro FX (CME), E-Mini Nasdaq-100 (GLBX), Gold (COMEX), Natural Gas (NYMEX). They are ranked based on futures liquidity, with the best liquidity market being the #-1 ranked e-Mini-S&P.

With that said, the manageable size and also well diversified 8-market portfolio which we personally like (and our trading systems prefer) ranked in order of liquidity consists of these markets: E-Mini S&P-500 (GLBX=3), 10-Year Notes (CBOT=10), Crude Oil (NYMX=1), Ultra T-Bonds (CBOT=2), Gold (COMEX=4), Corn (CBOT=5), Soybeans (CBOT=3) and lowest liquidity of the eight recommmended markets: Live Cattle (CME=4).

Of course, the financial markets have different short-term and long-term price ranges, volatility, contract sizes and tick values. That results in somewhat mixed P&L results based on one single contract being traded. there are numerous good markets to potentially trade Therefore, to level the playing field an estimated number of contracts to trade are shown (next to exchange name above) to achieve equal dollar profit (or losses).

The P&L equalizing number of contracts is based on the maximum possible price change seen over past few years vs contract values. For example, trading 1 Crude Oil (NYMX=1) contract per signal, is comparable in profits & losses incurred over time vs trading 5 contracts of Corn (CBOT=5) per signal.

As a side-note, some of the worst and more difficult futures markets to trade with customary low liquidity, combined with potential erratic price behavior and subsequent high risk are Coffee, Sugar, Orange Juice, Cotton, Platinum, Chinese Yuan (and a few other Currencies), Silver and Heating Oil. P.S. That's a more or less subjective list based to a degree on the Editor's opinion.

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More about trading fx currencies; Forex futures robot testing web-sites have been testing robot after robot to find one which really works. As far as we know, upon their testing not even one automated forex robot has ever been found which actually worked in real-time trading (without the benefit of 20-20 hindsight) for traders looking for ways to successfully trade forex currency markets.

Today Click to Search for how to make money like gold with a good trading system is a date we have come to a conclusion none of the forex robots work well or perform consistently on their own. It seems most don’t do much more than sooner or later likely wiping out your account balance.

There's a lot more to making money trading fx futures than offered by most mechanical trading systems. It's quite hard to make regular profits in forex currencies trading, and following all the trade signals generated by a forex futures trading system to potentially make money in the forex market. The good news is there is hope, in particular if combining a good trading system with time-tested Gann techniques (read much more about Mr. Gann below) to trade forex, stocks and commodity futures markets:

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We can teach you how to trade the markets for profit by using Gann's best trading methods, including natural and powerful Geometric Angles Mr. Gann used so extensively, squaring of price & time, using valid gann style "square charts" and gann charting methods, support & resistance numbers and levels, "Gann numbers" and numerology. Our W. D. Gann Trading Course can teach you Gann's amazing methods for successful trading of commodity futures and stocks.

If you closely read and study our unique Gann Course it's quite likely you will learn how to use and implement important Gann trading methods in your trading within 72-hours. This Gann traders course was written by Dave of Webtrading who has studied and used Gann's methods for the past 30-plus years, including studying squaring-price-and-time. He is considered an expert on Gann and Gann's methodology.

Trading the financial markets using Gann trading methods can work well when trading most and any futures market or the stock market. W D Gann was much more involved in inter-day (position trading) vs intra-day (day trading) and therefore used mostly daily bar-charts. With that said, Mr. Gann's trading techniques can be effectively used to day-trade too with the methods also being applicable to intra-day charts such as hourly charts. Daytrading was not as popular during Gann's time like it is now.

Here are some (but not all) of the key subjects covered in our highly recommended Gann Techniques Trading Course, which can effectively be used to trade stocks or futures markets using our course based on Gann's unique trading methods.

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Our Gann trading course contains much of Gann's secrets and techniques to potential successful trading of main-stream commodities, forex currencies and stocks and the stock market, using "hands-on plan English" learning skills. Includes many lessons, charts, plus annotated copies of Mr. Gann's old charts done in his own hand-writing. Our Gann Trading Course also includes a unique custom-made acrylic custom Gann angles tool, with instructions for drawing Gann angles on Gann methodology square price charts.

In this Gann Course we address issues such as: Did W. D. Gann use Astrology in his Trading (the answer may surprise you); Square Chart Definition and Usage; How to Make a Gann-style Square Chart, Squaring Price and Time; Geometric Angles; Which Gann Angle is most important (answer about why it's so powerful is surprisingly easy to comprehend); Angle Concepts; Gaps on Charts; What Causes Chart Gaps; The Gann Square of Nine and other powerful Gann methods, plus more on Squaring of Price and Time.

Why spend $1,000 or more elsewhere to learn Gann's trading techniques when you can learn W. D. Gann Techniques in this course at very low-cost; teaching William D. Gann's unique methodology, for a fraction of the price? The cost is only $97 with free S&H (in USA).

This potentially highly profitable Gann Secrets (explained) trading course offers A young William D Gann Gann traders (both new and experienced) the secrets and knowledge needed to blend these powerful Gann trading techniques into commodities, futures & stock market trading decisions, which can bring you profits. Order by Clicking-on Buy Now...


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